STC to form new military brigade in the governorate of Abyan

10 March 2020
STC to form new military brigade in the governorate of Abyan
عدن نيوز – Aden News:

A military source said that the Southern Transitional Council has formed a new military brigade in the governorate of Abyan (south of the country), in a move expected to contribute in faltering the efforts of implement the military attaché to the Riyadh agreement.

The source said that the leader of the security belt Abd al-Latif al-Sayyed assigned the task of forming a military brigade to his brother Haidara al-Sayyid. According to the source, the newly established brigade will take on the task of “fighting terrorism” in areas under the control of the Southern Transitional Council forces.

The source said that during the past few days, the brigade launched recruitment operations in the cities of “Zunjubar” and “Khanfar” and other areas from which recruits were registered for registration.

The formation of this brigade comes in conjunction with the southern transitional council forces’ refusal to withdraw from the outskirts of the city of Zunjubar, according to the military attache of the Riyadh agreement, and the implementation of other provisions of the agreement, including the delivery of heavy and medium weapons, has stalled.

Haidara al-Sayyid, the younger brother of the commander of the security belt in Abyan, is accused of being behind the execution of government soldiers wounded in an air strike carried out by an Emirati fighter on the army forces at the security point AlAlam,  east of Aden in late August.

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