UAE ship blocked from entering Socotra island

15 May 2020
UAE ship blocked from entering Socotra island
عدن نيوز – Aden News:

The Saudi forces in Socotra island prevented an Emirati ship from entering the port of Socotra.

Yemeni government source said that “the Saudi forces prevented the Emirati ship from entering the port in the city of Hadibu, the capital of Socotra, as reported in The Anadolu Agency.

He explained that the ship was blocked from entering because it did not possess official licenses and it has sailed to Socotra without prior permission from the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia.

He noted that the stopping of the ship will continue until the necessary procedures at the port are completed, without clarification.

The source stated that “there are fears that the ship is loaded with weapons and military equipment for the rebel forces and the militia of the Southern Transitional Council, supported by the UAE, in Socotra.”

There was no comment from the Emirates or the Southern Transitional Council about blocking the ship from entering Socotra.

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