separatiion media staff get 2 million riyals as “reward” from STC

16 May 2020
separatiion media staff get 2 million riyals as “reward” from STC
عدن نيوز – Aden News:

The UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council directed the disbursement of “big” amount of money to media staff affiliated to the council.

An official document issued by the Presidency of the Transitional Council revealed directives to spend millions of riyals to the media of the Council

According to the document shared by political activists, a directive ordered the disbursement of 2 million riyals from the account of the so-called (self-rule) for the benefit of each member of the media staff of the Transitional Council.

The document indicated that these sums will be periodic and will be officially transferred through a special account in the National Bank of Yemen in Aden, starting in June.

The transitional council had seized an amount of 10 billion riyals by force from the Central Bank of Yemen in Aden the day before yesterday, and transferred them to an unknown destination.

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