Houthi rebels loot equipment and documents of the Hodeidah port

17 December 2018
Houthi rebels loot equipment and documents of the Hodeidah port

Field sources in the port of Hodeidah revealed that the Houthi militia looted equipment and documents in the port, in addition to confiscating goods owned by traders and investors, in conjunction with forcing them to leave the city and the port under an agreement reached by the United Nations in Sweden.

The sources added that the Houthi militias have been working intensively since yesterday on the looting of equipment and documents of the port of Hodeidah, in addition to the goods owned by traders and investors of foodstuffs, cars, accessories and others, where they are shipped and taken out of Hodeidah province without official papers.

The sources pointed out that during the past three weeks, the systematic looting of government institutions by militias intensified, as citizens documented part of their light and heavy robbed items on large trucks leaving the city towards Saada and Sanaa, benefiting from a humanitarian truce halted the advance of the National Army forces with the support of the coalition, To complete the liberation of the remaining neighborhoods of the city of Hodeidah and its harbor from the grip of militias.

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